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I strode into the post office, shades on and key in my hand, ready to pick up my package (Tim Ferriss’ AMAZING book called Tools Of Titans).

His eyes widening as he noticed me, the man being served turned and the following words tumbled out of his mouth like enthusiastic puppies in a field of long grass: “You look just like Jesus!”

Look, I get it, so many of the representations we see are of a blue-eyed, bearded man looking very peaceful about things (or in a lot of pain, depending on which phase of his life they’re depicting).

What I don’t get is this: how did Jesus become the poster-child for the Aryan race!? The dude was a middle-eastern Jew! I mean, isn’t the question of special import for all those who fear the immigrants, the jews, the scary strangers just waiting to invade across some invisible line invented by men (I think people call it a border)!? Wtf!?

According to a BBC article, it is more likely that Jesus looked a little something like this:

To me, it seems that what is more important than Jesus’s appearance is the core message he shared: which, unless I am entirely mistaken, was…


Seems simple, don’t it?

Somehow folks took that core message: help the weak, love your neighbour, be the light in the darkness, etc…and they went off and fought wars and killed others if they didn’t believe the same things?

I mean, it boggles this lil’ mind of mine to contemplate the strangeness of it all! Anywhooo, just thought it was funny that someone thought I looked like Jesus cos I have a beard 😂.

Sidenote: ain’t it weird that so many of those who think Jesus was a cool dude are also those who don’t much care for bearded, barefoot hippies talking about peace and love!? I dunno, sometimes I look at this world and I just don’t get it.

Ah well, no one said it was meant to make sense, right!?

What do you think?


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