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I’m playing a show in Cape Town, South Africa, and YOU are invited from wherever you are in the world! But wait, how does that work!?

The amazing magical power of 🎉THE INTERNET🎉.

Firstly, if you’re in Cape Town, you should totally come right!? Get the event details here and come along!

Otherwise, you can watch from anywhere in the world via the Crowdcast livestream! This is a patron-only perk, so you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Patreon account when you register. Easy, right!? Get on it:

nate maingard playing live music in cape town, livestream on crowdcast

And that’s it, there you have it! My last show in 2018, and you can watch if from anywhere on this planet (if you have internet, of course)

Ok, gotta go practice! See you there 💛!


PS: I’m publicly livestreaming some of my practices, so you can follow me on Periscope to enjoy those little snippets!

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